About Lee

I'm a storyteller by nature, I'm a strategist, marketer, information architect, the kid who always loved solving problems (as long as they didn't involve too much math).

Mostly though—writing is behind everything, the narrative arc that makes a fundraising appeal work, a viewbook shine, an annual report breathe, a website make sense.

In my writing life, I've published dozens of articles, many for Vegetarian Times, where I answered readers' questions about crucial issues such as herbs cure baldness (unfortunately, no), and whether cows explode if you don't milk them (fortunately, no). I've also written two compelling nonfiction books, and lots of fiction. The Barbara Deming Fund and the state of Illinois have both recently supported my newest nonfiction project about the underpaid legions who care for the elderly and who are in dangerously short supply, called Someone to Watch over Us.


Caring in Spite of Ourselves

Selected Clients: